Our Services

We offer next generation aerial imaging solutions at a landscape scale.

If you are considering drone data capture but the job is too big or will take too long, then we have a solution.

Manage and interpret massive data volumes with scalable Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

High-Res Imaging

Resolution as high as 0.5cm pixel GSD (drone quality)

RGB (visible) or NIR (Near Infra-Red)

Accurate ground georeferencing to 10cm absolute, with no ground reference points (GRP) required*

Fast and Cost Effective

Capture over 4,000 hectares per days at a 1cm GSD* – 10x faster than a drone solution

Cost as little as $2 per hectare at a 1cm GSD* – 3x less than a drone solution

* Dependent on exact parameters and conditions

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automated detection of almost any specific type of object or condition

High performance GPU based servers and proprietary software processing massive data sets quickly

Edge Processing close to the data capture when required

1 cm
pixel resolution

4000 ha

daily coverage
cost per hectare

AI Training Systems

Web-based systems for clients to interact and train the AI effectively with suitable human input in parallel with existing manual interpretation, minimising double handling.

· AI is only as good as its training

High-Res LiDAR Survey

Using industry leading RIEGL products

High point densities over 100ppm, through multi-layer canopy

Bare earth without vegetation (DTM), and top of vegetation (DSM)

Point clouds and coloured point clouds

Multispectral Imaging

For specialised requirements using industry leading sensor products with commercial and in-house processing

All bands including, VNIR, SWIR, Thermal, and with high spectral sampling when required


Possible applications  

Fallow weed detection on broadacre cropping farms – for selective spraying using existing spray rigs, reducing herbicide cost by up to 97.5%, and reducing environmental impact.

Terrain Modelling – for land management to maximise water infiltration, water storage, divert and repair erosion, levelling, contouring and more. 

Weed detection in growing crops – for weed mapping, contamination assessment, and selective spraying.

Germination monitoring – whole of paddock seeding counts and accurate yield estimates. 

Crop condition monitoring during growth – to detect stress due to chemicals, pests, and pathogens to focus ground investigation. 

Forestry tree counts and condition monitoring for large plantations. 

Renewable Energy  

Possible applications 

Environment assessment before development, and time lapse during operations, for development approvals and to monitor any ongoing impact. 

Asset monitoring along corridors, such as power lines, to target closer drone and ground crew inspections. 

Asset monitoring over large areas, such as large solar farms or wind farms to target closer drone and ground crew inspections. 

Infrastructure Management  

Possible applications  

Asset monitoring along corridors, such as power line, roads, and pipelines, to target closer inspection by ground crews for service companies and local councils. 

Asset monitoring over large areas more frequently, such as mine sites, processing, and transport facilities to target ground crew inspections. 

Environmental monitoring over large areas and corridors such as river systems and wetlands for state or local departments. 

Storm or flood damage assessment over large town or rural areas for local councils, service companies or insurance applications.   


Possible applications 

Detection and location of invasive weed species in large areas of native vegetation – for selective spaying and eradication. 

Mine site native vegetation rehabilitation – assessment and invasive weed suppression through regular time lapse sampling. 

Mine site environmental impact assessment for compliance and monitoring. 

Bush fire damage and fire risk assessment of large, national forested areas. 

Monitoring over large areas and corridors such as river systems and wetlands for state or local departments. 

Detection and counting of native animal species including large birds.

Detection and counting of feral animals.  

Data processing 


Processing and handling of very large image data volumes typically generated by the high-resolution camera system. 

Data access and visualisation, providing end-to-end solutions for our clients.  

For high resolution imagery and AI processing over large areas, contact our team to discuss a solution that suits your business requirements or to arrange a field trial.