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The Airborne Research Australia (ARA) HK36TTC-ECO Dimona aircraft proved to be an ideal platform for testing the high-resolution camera system (HR1) prototype.

ARA aircraft sharing the hanger with the PC-12 during the field testing of the HR1 camera on a large broadacre cropping property in southern Queensland.

We are more than just an Aerial Data Capture company

The objective 

In 2020 we embarked on a joint research project with our research partners, Airborne Research Australia (ARA), that are the leading airborne research not for profit organisation in Australia. The objective of this was to create a cost-effective high resolution airborne camera system that can achieve a GSD (pixel size) of less than 1cm, with minimal motion blur while operated from a fixed wing manned aircraft and that can capture several thousand hectares per days. 

The initial application for this was to capture high resolution imagery that may then be processed using the latest Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology, provided by our research and industry partner, InFarm, to detect small weeds within fallow paddocks on large broadacre cropping farms. The detected weeds are then geolocated and a scrip generated that can be ingested by most modern broadacre spray rigs then used for selective spaying.  

In this instance the ultimate objective is for farmers to reduce spray chemical by 90% or more, and to be able to do this on large scale broadacre cropping properties (typically 20,000-100,000 hectares) quickly and efficiently utilising their existing machinery.  

The result  

The outcome of this research and development project is a world leading high resolution, high capture rate RGB (visible light) camera system, that can achieve a resolution as low as 0.5cm GSD (pixel) with minimal motion blur and capture rate of over 4,000 hectares per days (at 1cm GSD). The camera system can also be used in Near Infra-Red (NIR) mode as well as the standard RGB enabling NIR image processing to enhance detection of chlorophyll rich plants, such as green weeds.  

Furthermore, the systems are small and light weight so the aircraft we use for this have a light footprint, low fuel consumption and flight characteristics that are suitable for high-resolution airborne imaging.  

The solution is not limited to fallow weed detection and has unlimited possibilities for imaging applications in other agricultural applications, as well as environmental, renewable energy and other industry applications that have landscape scale challenges.  

We are also able to combine this with leading high quality LiDAR imaging systems, and other more conventional photogrammetry systems for additional data sets, as required for specific applications.

Our Industry Partners

Field testing on a broadacre cropping property in Queensland

Work with us to pioneer the next generation aerial imaging and AI capabilities...

We are keen to discuss with you any innovative applications for this technology and to arrange field testing of applications to ensure the solution meets your need.   

Management Team

The founding team

Mark Askey

Product Development & Operations Management

Mark has a strong technical background in geophysics and engineering with over 30 years in the resource services industry internationally. He has managed several successful technical services businesses and research ventures in the last 10 years, both internationally and domestically.

Gary Morgan

Commercial and Investment Manager.

Gary Morgan is an experienced company director, chairman and chief executive of companies in a wide range of industry sectors operating in the private, not-for-profit and research sectors. He has over 25 years’ of corporate advisory, strategy, innovation and scaleup experience with a major focus on new and emerging digital technologies.


Pat Ryan

Marketing and Contracts Manager

Patrick has over 20 years of executive level experience in the professional service markets of Legal, Accounting & Merchant Banking delivering innovative IT solutions and bureau processing services. He is a primary producer and has spent much of his life in the agriculture sector.

David Wright

Chief Technical Advisor

David has been engaged in geospatial and remote sensing, information technology, agribusiness and research in Australia and internationally for over 30 years. He has expertise in airborne remote sensing, geospatial processing, landscape analytics and software development.