Hi-Res Aerial Imaging & Photogrammetry

We offer drone quality resolution imagery for very large areas, much faster and at a fraction of the cost per hectare of equivalent drone coverage.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Processing

Enabling automated and rapid interpretation of massive data volumes to detect and locate any specific type of object or condition in the landscape.


SkyScan is a leading technology company providing next generation aerial imaging capabilities including:

· The highest resolution camera system commercially available for manned fixed wing aircraft.

· The latest in AI technology to process and interpret huge data volumes though our industry partners.

· High quality aerial LiDAR surveys that can be run concurrently.

· Multi-spectral imaging surveys for specialised applications.

If you are considering drone data capture but the job is just too big, or will take too long, then we have a solution

How are we different?

High Resolution imaging technology

· Resolution as high as 0.5cm pixels (GSD).

· RGB (visible) or NIR (Near Infra-Red) at this resolution.

· Accurate ground georeferencing with no ground reference points (GRP) required.

High capture rate and low cost

· Capture over 4,000 hectares per day- at a 1cm pixel (GSD).

· Costs as little as $2 per hectare at a 1cm GSD. *

· Low fuel consumption fit for purpose aircraft.

* Dependent on exact parameters and conditions.

AI Processing technology

· Industry leading AI capability.

· Automated detection of almost any specific type of object or condition in the landscape.

· High-performance GPU based Edge Processing of huge data sets for quick turnaround.

Our Research Partners

Our research partners that have made this technology possible are:

· Airborne Research Australia (ARA) – a leading airborne research not for profit organisation in Australia,

· InFarm – a leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for agricultural applications, and

· Collaboration Process Utility (CPU) – a software development and scientific research company specialising in landscape analytics and atmospheric modelling.